North Carolina Mountain Engagement Session – Somer & Charlie

When Somer and Charlie reached out to us to be their small wedding photographers, we could not be more excited. They have such an amazing energy, and their love is so real and genuine.

As we planned this session together, we really were wanting some mountain views. However, as we were rising higher into the mountain, the fog that day became denser and denser. At first, I’m not gonna lie, I was a little worried. BUT I saw so much potential in the fog– the vibes were actually kinda immaculate. I asked them to trust me and we created some magic together.

I’m the biggest advocate of going with the flow of the day and accepting anything that can happen during your session, because that’s the whole point of adventures in general. Going out of your comfort zone and creating something even more beautiful that you originally thought. I hope you enjoy looking through these photos and can feel their love and joy (for more vibes, we were singing folklore by taylor swift because this whole shoot just gave that t swift energy).

Our motto is always to go with the flow, and to make magic out of what is happening around us– we want things to be captured how they are, and to make moments memorable. It wouldnt be special if we were always trying to make every little thing perfect.

And man, did the photos turn out SO MAGICAL. It was like Somer and Charlie were the only ones there, and they owned this beautiful forest! I just loved how it turned out, and how much I felt it matched their vibes.

But, since I was on a mission to get them something not foggy, we headed back down the mountain to see if we could catch some unfoggy places. Unfortunately, the light was fleeting fast, and by the time we stopped it was almost completely dark.

I had an idea: I said, lets use my headlights from my car and do something different and fun. Trust me. (trust was a big theme for this session– lol)

I’m not sure if they trusted me in the moment– I dont know if I trusted myself to be honest– but the photos from this turned out to be some of my favorites! Not only that, but sometimes it looks like a sunset photo with the angles that I took!

It was so fun, and it pushed my creativity and just filled my cup so much. Somer and Charlie were absolute champs for trusting me and sticking with it, and I feel so lucky to be their photographer 🙂


  1. Madison Lambert says:

    These are STUNNING. I definitely want to book you when I get engaged in the future!

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