Reba’s Mountain Shoot

When Reba reached out to me for a session, I knew we were gonna have fun because of two reasons. 1) she wanted to have a session just for herself, not for any specific reason (my fave kinds of sessions!) and 2) when I offered if she would like to come to the mountains to do them, she didn’t even HESITATE and said yes!!! ⁣

We started the afternoon off by going to a beautiful overlook in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She brought a friend, and had an array of outfits to choose from which was so fun! We took some beautiful photos with the mountains right in the background, and Reba looked absolutely stunning in them.

After a little bit of goofing around and getting some photos, we decided to go to our next destination. Although the light was fleeting (it was getting close to 8 pm at this point, but luckily we were in the summer times so the light still lingered), we went to a waterfall that was not too far from our overlook.

At the waterfall, we all decided to put on the clothes we least cared about so that we could all get IN the water! Although none of us expected to do this, it was so fun to just be in the moment and do something that made us excited. We also brought a clear umbrella (to take cute pics with, but also to shied my camera from the crazy mist of the waterfall!) And we juts had an absolute blast getting some photos of adventuring around the waterfall.

Reba’s adventurous soul was just such a breath of fresh air. Her shoot was so special to us, because she wanted to do this shoot to document that phase of her life in that moment, an in-between moment. I feel like it’s so wise to document that, because life is not just about those big moments like weddings and graduations, life is also defined by all those in-between moments and all the little things you do

She also reminded me why I love doing photography and why I love working with people, because it was days like this that remind me that life is about so much more than our regular day to day. It’s about creating memorable experiences in your life, so you can look back at them in the future and have something to be happy about 🙂

We adore our job, and our we love the friends we make along the way.

  1. Mara says:

    I absolutely love the story behind this shoot!! Really inspires me to do something for myself and try something new! Love the content 🙂

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