This is more than just a "stand and smile" yearbook-type photo. Bring your best outfit, lets go somewhere pretty, and let's have fun! Check out our process below, and when you're ready hit the contact us button for our pricing and info guide.

I want you to know-- this is not just a transaction. We are gonna be friends. I'm going to hype you up always, and support your endeavors. Let's have a real connection, we all need a bit of that now.

1. Let's be friends

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1. Get comfortable


6. Like us?

If you like what you see, check out the blog if you want to see some  past senior shoots or read about some things we are passionate about, or if you are ready to go and want to be friends-- shoot us a message. We're excited to hear from you!

5. Do we belong?

I want us to all be so excited about working together and be over the moon about creating something awesome. If you like our vibe, shoot us a message and tell us about all of your ideas. We can't wait to hear them and do something awesome together!

4. Travel

Travel is so important to us-- we want to take anyone and everyone on an adventure. Check out our travel page or contact us about somewhere you always wanted to go-- and lets make it happen. Depending on where you want to go, we'll create a custom package for you that includes flight/gas/stay. And if you choose somewhere on our bucket list, you'll get a special deal just for you!

3. Investment

Photos are the only things that last forever. I hope getting them done isn't something that's just on the backburner for you-- I want you to invest as much energy as we will to make this memories for you. We want to capture those who really love photography and value its importance, because we invest our whole heart into each and every person to make it the best and most fun experience! :)

2. Real moments

We're here for the real stuff, not just the posed and forced smile. Of course we'll get the smiley photos, but also want to get the moments in-between. This photoshoot will be curated especially you who you are-- you want to remember who you really were in this last year of school. Sometimes photoshoot won't go exactly as planned-- be prepared to respond creatively and with a lot of fun with us! 

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