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When we first went into photography, we had one goal -- create photographs that felt real, that had movement, and that were storytelling. Although there are a lot of factors that go into creating that mood, posing is one of the most important aspects of it all. In this guide I'll share some of my favorite poses and how to achieve them. I hope you find it super helpful!

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This is truly a go to of mine at every single shoot, because no drunk walk is the same, haha! This is a great way to create movement and to get your couple to laugh as well.

how it's done:

Tell your couple to take a couple steps back, and stand next to each other. You can have them hold hands, or not! Or try both :) 

Have them start walking towards you, and as they walk they bump into each other. (hence the "drunk" aspect!)

You can tell them to look at each other while they're walking, or to look around. This pose is so versatile so mix and match what you want them to do! I have the couple do it a couple times while I get some far away shots and some close ups :)

how does that work?

1. The Drunk Walk

This pose for me is ALWAYS a go to. My favorite part of doing the hug from the back is that you can do it while the couple is standing or sitting, and it can just be extremely versatile depending on how they place their arms. 

how it's done:

Have one of them get behind the other, and have them clasp their hands together (both their hands facing the same direction)

Tell them to do a little airplane action before the person behind wraps their arms around the person in front, their arms still connected. 

Have them keep moving around and swaying back and forth while they're hugging to keep them in motion! 

how does that work?

2. The Hug from the Back

This one is so great because every couple does a different dance for me :) A perfect way to get your couple moving, laughing, and showing off their personality. 

how it's done:

Have them start off by holding both hands with each other and just rocking in and out of each other. 

Once they get into the swing of things, have them go outside of this little dance and get a little crazier, add in a little spin or two!

The biggest tip with these is while they're dancing, make sure you keep moving around them getting up close shots, far away shots, and everything in between.

how does that work?

3. The dance!

This is one of my favorites because it is always so sweet and so pure. It's so simple yet so beautiful!

how it's done:

Have one of them run towards the other and throw their arms around their neck and give them a big hug!

While they're hugging, have them keep swaying back and forth (softly or intensely, lol!) so that you can see movement in their hair, or their clothes. 

Most importantly, keep yourself moving around the couple and get up close shots, far away shots, etc. This is what makes this pose diverse!

How does that work?

4. The hug :)

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We hope this is helpful, and we can't wait to see you try out these poses at your next shoot!


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