Grace – Mountain Senior Shoot

Christian and I were feeling so sad that the 2020 Grads werent getting the graduation, celebration, and prom that they deserved. So we were so excited when Grace wanted to do a shoot with us so that we could celebrate her– and when I told her to bring her prom dress she said absolutely yes! Even though she couldn’t wear it to prom, I thought why not get some gorgeous photos out of it anyway?

We started the day by shooting at the high school she was graduation from, getting her cap and gown photos and just some in a pretty dress around the school.

Then we hit the road to the mountains. We made some fun stops along the way, taking photos in different outfits that she brought. Then we finally got to our destination– a beautiful mountain range that had the most gorgeous views.

We did a short hike to the top, and Grace changed in the trees into her first outfit. We wanted to get some casual pretty dresses, and some closeups of her paper airplane necklace (she is going to be a pilot!) before we finally pulled out the beautiful prom dress.

When she changed into her prom dress, I knew that we were going to have some amazing shots. Grace was such a champ, the wind was blowing a bit hard that day and heels are definitely not the best mountain shoe– but she continued on like it was an absolutely normal day. I loved it!

I was screaming from the rooftops (or I guess the mountain tops) every time I took a photo because I was just in love with it! I felt so lucky to be there, to capture these moments and to (hopefully) make her feel absolutely gorgeous!

We went home that evening with our hearts absolutely full and with so much excitement. I love the way these turned out, and I love doing something different from the traditional and regular senior portraits. Let’s make something awesome together!

  1. Erin Holman says:

    I could look at these pictures forever, they are stunning!!!

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