Charleston Graduation Photos

A girl in a flowy dress laying in the send for her Charleston graduation photos.

I feel like I am constantly telling people this, but I’ll do it again. YOU CAN DO A PHOTOSHOOT HOWEVER YOU WANT. If you are graduating, you don’t have to do a forced smile with your hand on your hip. If you are getting married, you don’t have to go through the motions of a traditional wedding if it doesn’t fit your vibe. I say USE THOSE CELEBRATIONS to go somewhere beautiful and do something fun, do a photoshoot that makes you feel the best and is a full, fun, adventurous experience and not just something to check off your list. These Charleston graduation photos definitely were the vibes.

Carolyn came to me saying she did not want to take pictures on her campus. She wanted to celebrate this time in her life to dress up in a dress and go take fashion-style pictures at the beach. As usual, OF COURSE I WAS DOWN. Enjoy looking through these photos– we truly had a blast.

Overall, this grad session was such a blast. I truly could not think of a better way to celebrate graduating. Frolicking around the beach and dressing up like a model, what could be better? I love how much her personality just shines through these photos. Thinking about how in the future she will look back at these photos and and be flooded with such fun and adventurous memories makes me so happy. I love this job!

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I loved this day so much and idk why I am just now seeing this but wow it was nice to go through these :))))) lets do it again soon 😉

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