Hilton Head Beach Elopement – Anna & Andy

Man and woman sit on the beach for their Hilton Head Beach Elopement.

Truly, every wedding day should feel like Anna and Andy’s. This Hilton Head Beach Elopement was like a dream.

From the beginning, I knew these two were some awesome people. They were together for a long while, and one day Anna was wanting to give a gift of earrings to Andy, and then she was like what the heck– let me just propose with them! Right away they knew they wanted something different– a vintage dress, a beach getaway, and with only their closest family and friends. They wanted it to feel like a big hang out with their closest loved ones and that is EXACTLY what it was like.

Anna and Andy were so kind, so fun, and so ready for anything and it made for the best day ever. Scroll through to see how their day played out 🙂

First UP: Getting Ready Photos!!!

These are some of my favorite photos to capture during an elopement day, they are just so real and calm. These two got ready together and it was just so perfect, with everyone helping each other and having fun together.

After getting ready, the whole gang walked from the Airbnb down to the beach together, where Anna and Andy’s brothers had set up chairs for the ceremony. ALSO– peep the cardboard cutout of their cat that Andy brought with them and surprised Anna with. So sweet and so hilarious, that cat truly was watching over the whole day, haha!

They had the most personal and hilarious ceremony I was ever able to witness. They had each of their brothers say some words for them, and each of them basically officiated their union. It was so sweet, and it was so beautiful to see their siblings officiate them.

Hilton Head Beach Ceremony Time!

After the ceremony, they all hung out on the beach together — eating homemade sandwiches, drinking sparkling water and watching the dolphins (there were actually so many in the water that day!). Listening to fun music and chatting with everyone, making jokes, and enjoying the beautiful weather we got lucky with on this December day.

After Ceremony Chill Session

After their hang out session, the family went back to the Airbnb where Anna’s dad prepared them a wonderful and delicious dinner, and Anna and Andy had a little portrait session. This time is also such a favorite of mine because the couple gets to get some one-on-one time, have some fun together, and kind of debrief their day so far before they continue on with the celebrations. I just love it so much.

Couples Portraits on Hilton Head Beach

The End 🙂

After portraits, they headed back to their Airbnb where they ate amazing food, had family and friends make beautiful speeches for them (and they gave the most heartfelt speech to all of their family and friends), signed their marriage license and had an amazing end of the day surrounded by all the love and joy in the world. It truly was such a magical day, and this elopement to me was what marriage and weddings should be about — having fun, doing whatever you want, and being surrounded by the people you want to be there. This was the most perfect day, the most perfect Hilton Head Beach Elopement. Literally the perfect way to start a union together.

If you are looking to have a fun elopement or just want more info on eloping in general —

— please feel free to check out our website and get to know us here: http://www.findyara.com and for some tips on how to get started with planning an elopement, check out our blog post on the topic: https://findyara.com/2022/04/13/how-to-elope/

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