Switzerland Elopement – Grindelwald Wedding

A woman and man eloping in Switzerland. They are standing on top of a mountain looking out at another mountain through the clouds.

Having a Switzerland Elopement

Where do I even start? There truly is nothing more magical than having a Switzerland elopement. We met Izzy and Matt over a year ago when we photographed their engagement session, and shortly after they asked if we would photograph their wedding. We of course said YES! At that point they had no idea what they wanted. We went back and forth planning a wedding. Finally, they emailed us saying they wanted to ditch the wedding planning and ELOPE! They didn’t know where yet, and I just said “Well, we could go to Europe…” and immediately they said that Switzerland was a bucket list place for them. Matt said “Well that’s it then! We are going to Switzerland!” hahaha!

With us, we do more than just show up with a camera. So we spent many months planning everything, helping Izzy and Matt figure out the logistics of travel and lodging, and planning the actual elopement day. Finally September came and it was time to elope! Although we were worried about the weather, it turned out beautifully. Izzy and Matt were always ready to go with the flow (truly the best attitude when doing an adventure elopement!). Check out how our day went in the rest of this blog post!

Getting Ready

We met up with Izzy and Matt in Interlaken, where they had already been for a couple of days. All of us were so excited to see each other – it felt like meeting up with your best friends. We were so in awe of how wild it was that the last time we saw each other was in Charleston, and now we are in Switzerland! So we made our way to our buses + train before getting onto our gondola. It was about a 20 minute ride and just STUNNING. Once we got to our mountain top hotel, we found out that we were the only ones staying there that night! We got into our rooms, ate a little quick sandwich that I made for everyone, and started getting ready for our elopement day!

Hiking Up

The hike to our spot was about an hour – but it truly felt shorter! The landscape was changing, the weather was constantly changing, it was honestly the most beautiful hike I’ve ever been on.

First Look

When we got to our first spot, Izzy and Matt took some time to write down their vows in their notebook, and got dressed up for their first look. They truly had the sweetest first look, and their wedding attire was just absolutely gorgeous. Christian and I stepped back so that they could have a quiet moment to themselves, and it was so peaceful and sweet. Before we left, we saw a little container with a journal inside for people to write in on this hike, and Izzy and I left a little message in it. 🙂


Next stop was the CEREMONY. We decided to make our way farther and higher up the mountain so we made the beautiful trek up there.

After we got to our perfect spot, it was time for our ceremony!

The sweetest vows, the most beautiful ceremony I have ever witnessed. Their happiness was so palpable, and the beauty and ease of the day was just so infectious.

Couples Portraits

Since we were staying at the top of the mountain, we didn’t need to get back in time for the gondola ride into town. We totally used this opportunity to enjoy the views, frolic around taking photos, and just spending time together. It truly was so magical and just relaxing.


Once we got back, the hotel informed us that we had dinner included with our room (we didn’t know but we DEFINITELY didn’t mind!) It was absolutely delicious, and we also managed to catch the most beautiful sunset too.

We truly had the most beautiful, chill, fun, day full of adventure but also relaxation. The most magical Switzerland elopement in the world, with two of the most wonderful people. Thank you to Izzy and Matt for trusting us to capture your perfect day. We are so lucky that we got to get two new great friends from this amazing experience. It filled our hearts with so much joy to plan this with them, and to experience all these new things together. Weddings should all be this FUN and soul-fulfilling!

Day 2 – Hanging out 🙂

After our absolutely glorious wedding day with Izzy and Matt, we woke up the next morning to a hotel breakfast, and exploring the grounds before getting onto our Gondola back into town. We spent the day together vibing (we were all so tired!), eating yummy food and drinking Swiss beers, and just exploring around. It was so much fun!

Thank you again to Izzy and Matt for trusting us and choosing us for your perfect Switzerland Elopement! Yall are the BEST.

Some GIFs of our day:

If you are interested in having a Switzerland elopement or just an elopement that feels like you —

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